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Earnslaw Hut, NZ
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Mt. Cook, New Zealand | Luke Sergent

Mountainside Raconteur – Queenstown, New Zealand
I’m looking back over some of my old photos, preparing print version of them to go on my online store. I came across this one of a mountainside musician I encountered in Queenstown, New Zealand.
I met the raconteur on a little pathway alongside Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, while traveling by myself around the South Island last year. He wheeled his olde timey piano and set it next to the wall keeping the lake water at bay, and placed an old timey suitcase on the ground with his CDs for sale.
He was unassuming, unpretentious, and unspectacular …. that is until his fingers hit the ivory. I’m sure people more familiar with piano music might disagree, but the 10 or so minutes he played were some of the most enchanting minutes I’ve experienced in my life.

At this point in my trip around the South Island I was desperately poor, and didn’t have $20 to spare for one of his albums – but this man got all the loose change I had in my pocket, and then some! 
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Vincent van Gogh, Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette (Oil on canvas), 1886.

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